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Healbe GoBe teardown 

Anyone want to see inside the Healbe GoBe smartwatch that tracks calories? It’s basically an Arduino with Bluetooth and a simple LED display. Very large to wear on the wrist!




The Healbe GoBe’s battery says it’s from XYD corp, perhaps Shenzhen Leidebang Electronic Co., Ltd. But a google for 452337LP didn’t find this particular battery. 350mAh 3.7V. This type of battery is commonly used for small remote control helicopters. Look at all the empty space around the battery! Shouldn’t be too difficult to get a bigger capacity 3.7V battery in there, I think. This battery is similar to AliExpress link, available in bulk for around $2 or so.


The back of the Healbe GoBe. The metal plates in the middle are glued on, with a single wire stuck to each from inside the watch body.


The inside of the Healbe GoBe. Atmel chip, generic Micro SD, bluetooth chip. The right side is the battery regulation. Under this board, with about a 5mm gap, is another board with LED lights for the display. There is a lot of empty space inside this watch, probably 50%!


USB over IP using a Raspberry Pi

An upcoming project for me will be to setup our Casio Digital Piano so it can connect to a computer on the LAN. One way to do this is directly using a USB cable, but for distances that are a little further, I’d like to connect this USB device to my computer using Wifi through the router.

Healbe Gobe first update 

When I first connected to the Healbe using a passcode, it notified me that I need to update the software (firmware) in the Healbe. But after the update process starts, it also says to make sure to charge the Healbe during the process. “Installing software update… Please, make sure your Healbe GoBe is plugged in to the charger.”

Strangely, once I moved it to the charger, the update process restarted. Then I thought I should put my phone on a charger too, and the same thing happened: The update process was just sitting still. I moved the phone closer to the Healbe and then the process restarted. It looks like the Bluetooth link was disturbed a bit, and every time that it is, the update process is completely restarted. Finally, after keeping the two devices within a meter of each other, it started increasing the percent of update. It took about five or so minutes and the update was complete.

A bit of buzzing, and a notification: “Flashing Healbe Gobe. 100% complete.”

Then my phone shows:  “Installing software update… Please, make sure your Healbe GoBe is plugged in to the charger.” But the Healbe shows: “CHARGING” and “SYNC ME”. Tried pressing the Healbe’s button but no response, so I had to hit “CANCEL” on my phone.

I try connecting to the Healbe and it says “HELLO” and “CHARGING” but nothing else. Then twenty seconds later, the phone screen changes. It says, “Please put your Healbe GoBe on your arm”.
The app says, “Charging” for about two more minutes, and then finally “Charged 100%”. Would be nicer to have a percent to show how close to 100%, but…


2015-05-06 04.15.47


Finally, do you know why it says, “Device doesn’t fit.”? Actually, there’s a sticker on the bottom of the device. I didn’t know it was there, so it took me about five minutes to figure it out. Remove the sticker and now the device works.


Vegan skateboard shoes 

It’s not always easy to find good shoes that are also animal-free. Canvas uppers are not bad, but suede style is better for grip tape.

For shoes with canvas uppers, I’d suggest Vans. Some Vans with canvas uppers have leather so just get the ones without padding.

Also, some shoe companies make it easier by providing a link that shows all their vegan shoes. For example: Etnies – vegan.



Best free customizable WordPress themes in January 2015 

I’m currently working on a simple website for a window washing company. The plan is to use WordPress to manage the content. However, there’s not all that much content needed for this type of site. He doesn’t want to keep updating it very frequently at all. Also, the logo, business name and contact information needs to be located in a very prominent location. Are there any WordPress themes that can work?

The first thing I found with “free” themes is that many of them are free for the basic version, but charge up to $99 per year for the more advanced version. We’re not even sure how much a small business in a town would benefit from a website. We don’t want to pay for a theme! I could do it all as a static HTML page, but WordPress can give use more flexibility and also provides themes! So we are still happy to use WordPress and hopefully find a nice theme.

First up, I added some images and content. Then I tried a few different themes from the WordPress gallery, such as the Twenty Fourteen. None that I liked, although Customizr seemed like it could work given enough time. My goal here is to find a great customizable theme that can very quickly do what I want for a static-style business website.

Next I tried the Isis theme from I was able to make the site look fairly nice. But one really irritating thing that I found was that I can show either the Logo or the Site Title, not both! This is a big problem, because for the site to look nice, the logo should appear right next to the site title. Also, I didn’t see a simple way to change the order of the different parts. It was a bit frustrating, and Isis premium is too pricy for our budget. We still need a new theme!

In searching I also found a bunch of nice lists of free themes with thumbnails.

Top 30 Free WordPress Themes 2014

Suffusion *The keyword is FREE

15 Highly WordPress Free Customizable Themes

These are all quite awesome, but still, simply having more choices doesn’t solve the problem. Isn’t there a theme that’s completely easy to use and lets us control where every single page element goes? And is free!

Added a new theme 

It was a bit awkward to add this theme but let’s try it!

Clock apps lack functionality 


My clock app “Clock By TWOC” was rejected with the comment: “The application has limited or no functionality.” Test ID: 787915

This is a ridiculous statement.

The same app was accepted for Windows Store within four hours. It took your reviewer five days to reject the same application. But quite simply, your reviewer is incorrect. There is no clock app provided with Windows Phone. I often find myself wanting to have an analog clock showing on my mobile phone. Android and Apple phones have clock applications, but Windows Phone does not have any analog clock face available. My app has the functionality of a clock. A clock shows the time. My clock app shows the time on an analog clock face.

After finding that the standard SDK scheduler in cocos2d uses too much CPU, I reprogrammed this clock to run with extremely low CPU. It went from 10% CPU usage to 0.1%, which is a 100x reduction.

In summary, humans want to have a clock that works and doesn’t use too much CPU. Microsoft does not provide any clock app with WP7, so people will need to download a clock. A clock needs to show the time and be light on CPU.

The reviewer has never seen a clock app like the one I designed, with a distinctive clock face. Due to my sixty hours of development, my app has all this functionality. To demand that put more effort into creating random useless so called “functionality” by making a clock app that does something else than show the time is bizarre. Why would I spend more resources to improve the clock with additional skins if the basic version is not even acceptable?

Digital Attack Map 

Google’s Digital Attack Map is cool to watch a DDOS map evolve over time!



First experiments with Apophysis

The image is 7 MB so it can take a little bit of time to show up. Just click on it!

Microsoft’s own apps get rejected 

Thought it was funny enough to mention here. I created an application for Windows 8 using Microsoft’s tool called TouchDevelop. It’s available at, but I will not suggest anyone to go try it out. If you follow all the instructions at that site and try to publish an app on the store, it will be summarily rejected. Sorry, Microsoft, but Windows 8 sucks!

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