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Healbe GoBe teardown 

Anyone want to see inside the Healbe GoBe smartwatch that tracks calories? It’s basically an Arduino with Bluetooth and a simple LED display. Very large to wear on the wrist!




The Healbe GoBe’s battery says it’s from XYD corp, perhaps Shenzhen Leidebang Electronic Co., Ltd. But a google for 452337LP didn’t find this particular battery. 350mAh 3.7V. This type of battery is commonly used for small remote control helicopters. Look at all the empty space around the battery! Shouldn’t be too difficult to get a bigger capacity 3.7V battery in there, I think. This battery is similar to AliExpress link, available in bulk for around $2 or so.


The back of the Healbe GoBe. The metal plates in the middle are glued on, with a single wire stuck to each from inside the watch body.


The inside of the Healbe GoBe. Atmel chip, generic Micro SD, bluetooth chip. The right side is the battery regulation. Under this board, with about a 5mm gap, is another board with LED lights for the display. There is a lot of empty space inside this watch, probably 50%!

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