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Healbe Gobe first update 

When I first connected to the Healbe using a passcode, it notified me that I need to update the software (firmware) in the Healbe. But after the update process starts, it also says to make sure to charge the Healbe during the process. “Installing software update… Please, make sure your Healbe GoBe is plugged in to the charger.”

Strangely, once I moved it to the charger, the update process restarted. Then I thought I should put my phone on a charger too, and the same thing happened: The update process was just sitting still. I moved the phone closer to the Healbe and then the process restarted. It looks like the Bluetooth link was disturbed a bit, and every time that it is, the update process is completely restarted. Finally, after keeping the two devices within a meter of each other, it started increasing the percent of update. It took about five or so minutes and the update was complete.

A bit of buzzing, and a notification: “Flashing Healbe Gobe. 100% complete.”

Then my phone shows:  “Installing software update… Please, make sure your Healbe GoBe is plugged in to the charger.” But the Healbe shows: “CHARGING” and “SYNC ME”. Tried pressing the Healbe’s button but no response, so I had to hit “CANCEL” on my phone.

I try connecting to the Healbe and it says “HELLO” and “CHARGING” but nothing else. Then twenty seconds later, the phone screen changes. It says, “Please put your Healbe GoBe on your arm”.
The app says, “Charging” for about two more minutes, and then finally “Charged 100%”. Would be nicer to have a percent to show how close to 100%, but…


2015-05-06 04.15.47


Finally, do you know why it says, “Device doesn’t fit.”? Actually, there’s a sticker on the bottom of the device. I didn’t know it was there, so it took me about five minutes to figure it out. Remove the sticker and now the device works.


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