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Best free customizable WordPress themes in January 2015 

I’m currently working on a simple website for a window washing company. The plan is to use WordPress to manage the content. However, there’s not all that much content needed for this type of site. He doesn’t want to keep updating it very frequently at all. Also, the logo, business name and contact information needs to be located in a very prominent location. Are there any WordPress themes that can work?

The first thing I found with “free” themes is that many of them are free for the basic version, but charge up to $99 per year for the more advanced version. We’re not even sure how much a small business in a town would benefit from a website. We don’t want to pay for a theme! I could do it all as a static HTML page, but WordPress can give use more flexibility and also provides themes! So we are still happy to use WordPress and hopefully find a nice theme.

First up, I added some images and content. Then I tried a few different themes from the WordPress gallery, such as the Twenty Fourteen. None that I liked, although Customizr seemed like it could work given enough time. My goal here is to find a great customizable theme that can very quickly do what I want for a static-style business website.

Next I tried the Isis theme from I was able to make the site look fairly nice. But one really irritating thing that I found was that I can show either the Logo or the Site Title, not both! This is a big problem, because for the site to look nice, the logo should appear right next to the site title. Also, I didn’t see a simple way to change the order of the different parts. It was a bit frustrating, and Isis premium is too pricy for our budget. We still need a new theme!

In searching I also found a bunch of nice lists of free themes with thumbnails.

Top 30 Free WordPress Themes 2014

Suffusion *The keyword is FREE

15 Highly WordPress Free Customizable Themes

These are¬†all quite awesome, but still, simply having more choices doesn’t solve the problem. Isn’t there a theme that’s completely easy to use and lets us control where every single page element goes? And is free!

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